Welcome to NorCal Canoeing!

Northern California Canoeing was conceived as a place for paddlers in Northern California to get information about canoeing.  Topics will include paddling destinations, instruction, safety, technique, and anything else relating to canoeing.  At the top of the page you will find tabs for accessing our blog, which will be updated regularly with posts from various paddlers in the area, and a forum that I hope you will sign up for and participate in discussions with us and other paddlers who come here.  In the forums you can discuss anything from upcoming classes, to buying and selling gear, to organizing trips, or sharing the trips you’ve been on so we can all discover all the wonderful places to paddle in Northern California.


Flat water paddlers looking for serenity; adrenaline junkies looking for a challenge; explorers interested in canoe camping/tripping; and everyone who lies somewhere in-between.  All are welcome here!

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